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🌍 [Case Study] Swag Success: Iconic Swag for a Team All Around the World (link)
🚀 [Podcast Show Notes] How to Create Unstoppable Momentum w/ Founder Michael Martocci (link)
🎓 William & Mary Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center Newsletter, 2019
           ☀️ End of Summer Issue
           🍎 September Issue
           👻 October Issue
           🦃 November Issue
school essays ✍🏼
🏡 Think Bigger: A Look into the Startup Story of Airbnb (link)
💡 Design Thinking: A Course Blog on Customer Insights for Innnovation (link)
🏉 Memories On the Green: A Short Reflection Piece (link)
🤴🏼 Historical Analysis of Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince (link)
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